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Welcome To Our Nucleus IVF Center in Punawale

Nucleus IVF Center in Punawale has been providing quality IVF care with internationally comparable services and success rates. Our core strength lies in our ability to give to our patient's comprehensive ART and allied services from basic diagnostic work-up to advances fertility-enhancing endoscopic surgeries and In Vitro Fertilization techniques all under one roof.

Infertility is one of the biggest concerns in today’s world in both men and women it takes a toll on the dreams of parenthood. With the modern lifestyle that people, posses these days, infertility has turned out to be a common ailment. The advancements of modern technology have made it possible to indulge in a wide range of solutions from the best fertility care provider. Nucleus Fertility Centre is one of the leading IVF clinics in Wakad and Pimple saudagar areas, Pune and is known for its high success rate treatments in the field of fertility care. We provide treatments like IVF treatment, IUI treatment, surrogacy options, ICSI, sperm and egg donation, and blastocyst transfer. If you are trying to get pregnant for a very long time but you have had no success in it, then consult with an expert at our fertility center, we will surely provide you with the necessary solution to get conceive.

Dr. Pritam has the expertise of handling different cases but they care about the importance of a child for you. We care about the emotions of a couple and for us, every patient is a priority. For the same reason, we are one of the Best IVF centers in Wakad, Pune. We take off all our patents and provide them with all the necessary support and aid in the best possible way. We have a name established in the market, owing to our good track record of handling the diverse type of infertility issues and providing various types of solutions for it. Do not complicate your pregnancy with any thoughts and straightaway walk to our clinic.

Our Goal

The primary objective of our infertility Centre in Punawale is to offer high success rates with low-cost IVF infertility treatments under one roof. We offer our 13+ years of experience, expertise and cutting edge reproductive technologies in the area of infertility and treatment plan designed for individual needs.

Our fertility hospital is best among the first few comprehensive dedicated infertility hospitals in Wakad, Pune. Our centers have state-of-art facilities - IUI - Donor | Husband, IVF - ET, ICSI - ET, sperm retrieval by MESA, PESA, TESA, laser-assisted hatching, Blastocyst culture, Cumulus cell co-culture, sperm banking, Freezing- (embryo | sperm | oocyte), Donation- (sperm | egg | embryo), PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis), Amniocentesis (Prenatal genetic diagnosis], reproductive surgery for chocolate cyst, hydrosalpinx, endometriosis, fibroids, Varicocelectomy, Keyhole surgery, fetal reduction, and Non-surgical ectopic Pregnancy management.

Infertility often creates one of the most distressing life crises an infertile couple ever experiences. We, as Infertility | Fertility | IVF doctor well understand their emotional aspects and provide an ethical, meticulous research-based approach to Fertility Treatment. We believe in a ladder approach. There is No better approach and no greater way to become Pregnant.