In vitro fertilization (IVF) Treatment in Pune

Ivf Treatment in Pune

In vitro fertilization (IVF) Treatment Pune

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure which is widely used to treat for conditions where patient is suffering from fertility problems. In easy words fertilization doesn’t occurs inside female body. Eggs are removed from woman’s ovary and fertilized with sperm in controlled laboratory condition. Ones fertilized embryo is transferred into womb. IVF or ‘in-vitro’ comes from Latin which means ‘in glass’, which is how the term ‘test tube baby’ originates.

Now who are the candidates which require IVF Treatment?

  • Women having problems with fallopian tube.
  • Women with endometriosis disease.
  • Several male infertility conditions.
  • Women facing unexplained fertility.
  • Patients having low ovarian egg reserve.

Various stages which are used in IVF treatment at Nucleus IVF Centre.

Stage 1

Like every success depends on its good planning and preparation. We at Nucleus IVF Centre perform thorough assessment before beginning the IVF Treatment. Based on the results we advice pre-treatment preparation.

Stage 2

This is the very first step of Test Tube Baby Treatment Cycle (IVF). Ovaries are stimulated using hormone injection to develop more follicles. During this period patient has to visit doctor many times for regular check-up of follicle growth.

Stage 3
Egg collection & sperm sample

The egg collection procedure is usually done using light sedation. An ultrasound guided vaginal probe is used to locate the follicles and aspirate its contents. The eggs are then placed in culture in our state of the art laboratory. It is difficult to determine the number of eggs that will be collected until the procedure. In rare cases, no eggs are collected. On the same morning the male partner produces a semen sample (alternatively frozen or donor sperm can be prepared).

Stage 4

At this stage collected egg is fertilized with sperm in a culture dish. This is very important stage as embryo is monitored daily to check its growth.

Stage 5
Embryo Transfer

When the embryos have grown and well developed, now it’s time to transfer them into uterus through vagina. Ideally now it’s time for pregnancy but it doesn’t happen in all the cases. That is why additional embryos are kept frozen to avoid stimulation stage again.