How Important is Sperm Quality during IVF Treatment?

How Important is Sperm Quality during IVF Treatment?

Since its very inception, In-Virto Fertilization, or IVF has become one of the most popular and successful ways of conceiving. While IVF is making countless couples bear children biologically, for some, it has bit the dust. Is this hard to believe? Well, a considerable number of children have been born out of the best IVF treatment in Wakad but unfortunately, the success rate for one cycle of IVF is still mediocre. As per experts, sperm quality has to do a lot with a successful IVF treatment. Wondering why and how? Well, we got it all covered for you. Read till the end and see for yourself the impact of sperm quality on IVF.
Reasons why IVF treatments fail.
First things first, why do IVF treatments fail despite being so curative in nature? At the Nucleus IVF center in Wakad, we believe that the failure of an ongoing IVF treatment cycle is accredited to the following factors:

The age of the female.

Believe it or not, the age of the female is of prime importance when it comes to the successful procedure of IVF. Since an egg is released by the ovaries every month, gradually, the number of eggs tends to drop when a woman reaches her 30s. Hence, before commencing the IVF process, the ovaries are induced with medication so that the number of eggs produced increases. Sometimes, the ovaries have such a low FSH level that the IVF medications are rendered useless.

The issue of embryo implantation

This is one of the most common reasons for the failure of IVF treatment. As per the specialists working at the test tube baby center in Pune, herein, the fault lies either with the embryo or the uterus. If the problem lies in the embryo, then it will barely survive for 5 days. The reason behind this problem hasn’t been unearthed. PSG testing is recommended wherein the doctors can select healthy embryos that can be implanted.

Poor quality of the egg.

The success rate for embryo implantation decreases as a woman ages. Even when the uterus is deemed healthy, a poor egg can culminate in the failure of an IVF cycle. Poor-quality eggs cannot result in a successful pregnancy even after surrogacy. This stands out to be a major issue for women who approach a testtube baby center in Hinjewadi in their late-30s.

Genetic abnormalities in the embryo.

When a woman hits her mid-30s, the incidence of genetic abnormalities in the embryo starts increasing. Chromosomally abnormal eggs often result in an unhealthy embryo. This results in an unsuccessful IVF treatment.

Sperm quality issues.

Generally, in a majority of infertility cases, the emphasis is laid only on the female factors of infertility. As a result, male factors become the ‘elephant in the room’ in any and every female infertility treatment clinic in Wakad. Surprisingly, this isn’t apt. It is not always that sperms with good motility turn out to be the ideal candidates for IVF. This brings us to one of the most undervalued factors behind the failure of IVF - sperm quality. Let’s understand this factor of IVF treatment failure in detail in the subsequent section.

Sperm Quality: An Unmitigated factor of IVF treatment failure

While a decent share of chromosomal abnormality falls into the basket of eggs, male fertility does have something to do with it. Male infertility when traced down to the quality of the sperm, can direly affect the parentage of the couple undergoing treatment at the top IVF center in Wakad. So, sperm health is as important as the health of the ovaries, uterus, and egg.

How is the sperm quality checked?

Sperm quality is checked via semen analysis. A thoroughly-done semen analysis is a remark on the viability and the overall health of the sperm cells of a male. As a part of the best IVF treatment in Wakad, at Nucleus IVF, the semen analysis is done by collecting the semen samples in a private area and then testing them in the lab. The patient is asked to follow the process of self-stimulation to collect the samples since it is the safest and the most lucrative method of obtaining clean samples. Since the sample might get deteriorated after 30 minutes of collection, it is recommended to send the sample to a lab for testing at the earliest. The quality of the sperm depends on three key factors. These are enumerated below: Sperm count or the number of sperm cells The shape of the sperm and its size Mobility of the sperm or its movement. Medically termed as “motility”. A low sperm count, generally, indicates impairment in the fertility of the male. The sperm count tends to drop either because of some difficulty in their production or due to some problem in the male reproductive tract which is responsible for the transportation of the sperm cells. In some cases, the male might be infected with some ailment that has impacted the sperm count. These are usually diagnosed via a couple of radiological tests. If there is a decrease in the volume of the semen samples, then it indicates a drop in the sperm count of the male and results in a significant decrease in the possibility of successful fertilization. Just like the age of the egg stands out to be one of the strongest predictors of the success of an IVF treatment, in the same vein, we consider the motility of the sperm. A sperm cell needs to meet the motility standards, both in terms of quantity and quality. As per medical science, motility refers to the propulsion caused by the tail of the sperm in the direction of the tract of the egg. Since both the sperm and the egg have unique receptors, their interaction gets enhanced and yields in the release of enzymes from the sperm. These enzymes have the capability to break the membrane present on the outer surface of the egg. A hole is created wherein the fusion happens. When all three of these key determinants yield poor results at the best IVF treatment center in Wakad, then the IVF treatment tends to culminate with low blastocyst formation rates. It has been found that the health of a sperm tends to decline as the male body ages. This is the reason why IVF specialists link a decrease in the number of IVF embryos of the blastocyst stage with advanced paternal age. In addition to that, advanced paternal age is also held responsible for embryo aneuploidy (where one or more than one chromosome is found to be missing).

Sperm DNA Fragmentation

This is something that cannot be found or analyzed on the basis of a semen analysis carried out. Sperm DNA fragmentation deals with the quality of DNA present in the sperm head and its impact on the development of the embryo. It typically depends on the motility scores of sperm and its morphology. Umpteen IVF researchers have found a correlation between damage or low blastocyst rates of IVF with sperm DNA fragmentation.

Looking for alternatives to IVF? We have something for you

We now know that the quality of the sperm cells plays an important role in the success of an ongoing IVF treatment. A sperm quality check can be done before undertaking the IVF treatment via semen analysis. But it is noteworthy that the result obtained from a semen analysis gives a limited idea to an IVF specialist about the quality of a sperm cell. This analysis stands out to be more of an observation test and doesn’t portray how the sperm cell responds in actual as well as IVF-oriented situations. So, what should a couple who is trying to conceive but gets to know about the poor sperm quality of the male involved do? There are certain ways in which sperm quality can be improved so that a couple can undergo natural conception. Some of them are expounded below:

Improve sperm health before undergoing an IVF treatment.

Today, IVF has become the cornerstone of fertility treatment all around the globe. This clearly indicates that infertile couples will be bound to invest more time and money in IVF. The quality of the sperm can usually be analyzed before the IVF procedure through semen analysis. So, before engaging in a time and money-consuming treatment, try improving the quality of the sperm. Recent studies have shown that physical exercise has managed to improve the parameters of a semen analysis drastically. So, a male is recommended to exercise on a daily basis in order to improve his semen quality. You can make a plethora of lifestyle changes to reduce seminal markers of poor health in your sperm cells. This includes giving up beverages such as alcohol, caffeine, etc. Males should give up smoking in order to achieve better sperm health. There are special diets for positively influencing one’s sperm health. One can start consuming such diets. In case you have undergone an unsuccessful IVF cycle, then it is important to discuss it with your partner or some IVF specialist in Wakad in order to keep unnecessary stress at bay. It is observed that males with higher levels of oxidative stress have unhealthy sperm cells. One is free to reach out to the Nucleus IVF and test tube baby center in Wakad for counseling sessions.

Avoid the usage of artificial lubrication methods during sexual intercourse

Believe it or not, couples who tend to use artificial lubricants during sexual intercourse tend to develop poor sperm quality. This is because the effects of artificial lubricant liquids are still not labeled safe. If you need to use a lubricant, then you can put mustard oil, mineral oil, or a natural lubricant to use.

Opt for IVF sperm donors

Well, sperm quality is important. But if nothing can be done to improve sperm quality, then one can always look for IVF sperm donors. Yes, such a process exists and people do get sperm donors. So, couples with poor sperm issues can simply adopt ICSI or IVF sperm donors from a male infertility treatment clinic in Wakad. In today’s era, a whole new horizon of medical technological advancement has been unleashed. It can be highly instrumental in mitigating the adverse effects caused by the poor quality of sperm resulting in increased rates of pregnancy. At Nucleus IVF center in Wakad, we believe that apart from IVF and ICSI, these successful treatment options for infertile men can change the idea of fathering children forever.

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