Male Infertility & Mental Health: 7 Reasons Why The Connection Matters

Male Infertility & Mental Health: 7 Reasons Why The Connection Matters

Male infertility has a great impact on the mind of the person and may often make that person feel less manly, incomplete, incompetent, and also at times unwanted. These analogieṣs are far from the truth but men often tend to think that manliness is associated with the capability to impregnate a female during copulation. The correlation can be seen when fathers boast about how their sons are so strong and how many children they have had. In some cases, females are labeled as the detrimental factor in family planning and are asked to approach some female infertility treatment clinic in Wakad. However, recently, male infertility is getting addressed in society openly.
Many infertility treatment centers that find the root cause of male infertility often ask the male candidate to masturbate and collect his semen in a cup. This further accentuates his feeling of inadequacy and has a debilitating impact on the psychosocial makeup of the person further isolating him from society and interacting with the opposite gender.
Here, we provide you with seven reasons that show why the connection between male infertility problems and mental health is so vital for the well-being of a person who faces this issue.

1.Manliness is often associated with control.

Our society teaches men to be “manly”. This implies always being in control of things. We have often heard about the “alpha male” who leads a group and is always in control of how the group behaves. When a male brought up with this mentality realizes that he doesn’t have control over his body, especially over his ability to produce children, he is shell-shocked and in disbelief. This shatters the basic foundational premise on which he has built his identity and causes his mind to go into an emotional crisis. It may take a lot of time to recover from this shock. Therefore, we must acknowledge that the thinking of the mind and its assumptions play a vital role in how a male views intercourse. At Nucleus IVF which is the best IVF treatment center in Wakad, we believe that the patient doesn’t respond to treatment well given their mentality. There is, thus, a need to teach our children that we have very less control over our bodies when it comes to sex and we need to acknowledge that we require medical assistance in this regard. By accepting this fact, we should do away with this very idea of “manliness”. Nucleus IVF is trusted for providing the best IVF treatment in Wakad since its very inception and can help you in overcoming this problem effectively. At such a reputed test tube baby center in Wakad, one can fight infertility physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

2.Guilt and shame are associated with male infertility

The inability to produce a child leads to a major embarrassment for the male and he is unable to look into the eyes of his wife whose dream of having offspring is shattered. Such infertile males often have to deal with ridicule in society and this has an impact on their mental health making them feel guilt and shame. In this case, there is an urgent need to reach out to your partner and tell him that all is fine and that he is loved. They need your emotional support the most during these moments. You can also approach the Nucleus IVF center in Wakad so that your partner can be assured that infertility can be cured without much hassle. This can reduce their stress.

3.Male infertility problems can cause physical reactions that are driven emotionally

When a male is diagnosed with any of the infertility problems this may lead to him having physical problems like erectile dysfunction (where the penis is unable to stand erect even when sexually aroused) and also desirelessness to have sexual intercourse. Male genital erection is psychologically linked and when a man feels less manly or inadequate, it can affect penile arousal and his penis may not become erect during sexual intercourse. Nucleus IVF - the best IVF center in Wakad has found out from their patients that in such a situation, they start avoiding sexual encounters altogether. Since they do not want to get a hoax made out of their sexual stamina or potency, they even run from medical treatment. This can also lead to a strain on their relationship with their spouse or partner. One should always remember that making love is more important than consummating a relationship or marriage. Love can't be defined by the ability to produce progeny. At Nucleus IVF, the top IVF center in Wakad, it is suggested to initiate emotionally positive conversations with your partner so that they don’t feel unwanted.

4.The pressure to produce a male child is insurmountable

Many cultures have always taught their boys that they should produce a male child after marriage which will help in the continuation of the family. The inability to produce a male child again leads to disgrace for the father in such a society and may have an impact on his mental health. Male infertility, in this case, further adds to the woes as a person may be fertile once and then, later, may become infertile due to some reason. If he has only a girl child and later is unable to reproduce, then he is looked upon with disgust and often called names such as lesser male, eunuch, etc. This further worsens his position in society and many males have committed suicide due to this embarrassment. Many men have to live with the fact that their inability to reproduce will lead to the culmination of their bloodline as they will not be having an heir to continue the next generation and their genes will die out. The best IVF treatment in Wakad - Nucleus IVF believes that in such a case, the concerned person should be enlightened about various medical procedures that can be of help to him. In addition to that, such procedures should be normalized in society so that people start accepting them. Approaching a male infertility treatment clinic in Wakad shouldn’t be viewed as taboo. In fact, people should start appreciating each other for taking steps towards healthy and safe family planning.

5.Fallout in relationships is often a direct effect of male infertility problems

When a male gets to know that he is infertile, it causes an emotional strain in his relationship with his wife or partner. He starts feeling helpless, inadequate, and incapable. Such males may often resort to alcoholism which may further lead to them becoming emotionally unstable, aggressive, and even violent at times. It may lead to a feeling of insecurity that their wives or partners may start having physical relationships with other men to remove the inadequacy that they have brought into their lives. Finally, such stress may lead to an atmosphere of distrust and hate for the partner and may also lead to a fallout in the relationship. Some men may become frustrated as a result and start having sexual relations with other women to justify their masculinity. Other than their marriage or romantic relationships such men start avoiding their family members and kin as well. They avoid friends who have children. Whenever they visit festivities where children are there, they get irritated because it reminds them of their ability to have children. They may as a result start hating children too and stop showing any affection towards them. Since men are usually less expressive than women, in such situations, they tend to find an escape route to deal with such emotions. All this culminated in withdrawal. It is recommended to discuss your emotional state with some IVF specialist in Wakad if you are undergoing treatment. This can speed up the process of fertilization for a couple. There is a need to look at this situation rationally rather than emotionally. The partners should focus on how much they love each other and let the physical intimacy take a backseat for a while. They should focus on spending more time together doing things they love. This will not only keep their bond intact but will strengthen it and may also resolve the feeling of inadequacy when they get physically intimate. Today, with infertility treatment centers like Nucleus IVF which are providing the best IVF treatment in Wakad, you always have the option of reaching out for medical assistance.

Depression may become a cause of reduced male sexual vigor

As we are discussing time and again that the mind is associated with the bodily functions of sex, we also come across situations where men who are emotionally depressed due to some ongoing situation in their life may become sexually less active. Sometimes, such long elongated periods of not having any sexual intimacy may make them infertile. This stems from their emotional response to sex and not so much from their bodily incapability to impregnate a female partner. Thus, treating depression is necessary in this case to help them recover from infertility problems.

Emotionally happier men have a much better libido

Likewise, it has also been seen that men who are emotionally happy and have a social circle where they are admired have an increased libido. Hence, they are sexually more active and fertile too. This is simply because they are in good mental health and also seem more attractive to their female partners. Therefore, these seven reasons clearly show us that male infertility is correlated with mental health. Hence, one impacts the other. Males who are infertile should opt for infertility treatment from any of the treatment centers that use a variety or a combination of methods to treat infertility problems and revive sexual fun and pleasure in a man’s life. These methods may be decided after ascertaining the underlying cause of infertility, the cost of treatment and affordability, and also the mental acceptance of such a method by a couple who is trying for an offspring. Such methods range from surgery, medications, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), requisite changes in lifestyle such as reducing the intake of cigarettes and alcohol, changing your living environment, psychological counseling methods, changes in one’s diet such as taking vitamins and minerals, etc. Given the plethora of choices one has in the form of myriads of clinics and IVF centers, one should pick wisely by considering the success rate of the clinic or the center. Nucleus IVF is known for providing the best IVF treatment in Wakad because of its experienced medical faculty as well as the General Duty Assistants (GDAs), the affordability of treatments, and their past success rates. Moreover, Nucleus IVF and test tube baby center in Pune is geographically-accessible so that patients can commute to and fro seamlessly. Therefore, we came to know from this article that male infertility problems are closely linked to mental health. We must ensure complete physical, mental, and social well-being to be sexually productive. In cases of physical inabilities, one must not feel shy to reach out to infertility treatment centers such as Nucleus IVF which can help you in overcoming the challenges of male infertility.

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