Male Infertility Medicine: How does IVF help Male Infertility

Male Infertility Medicine: How does IVF help Male Infertility

Infertility affects around 10% to 20% of couples who are in their reproductive age. Some treatments may help increase the conception rate spontaneously; however, sometimes aggressive treatment is needed. This may include in vitro fertilization (IVF) and/or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)or opting for treatment at a test tube baby center in Hinjewadi. IVF may involve ovarian stimulation, retrieval of oocytes, and fertilization that happens outside the body. ICSI is a process that involves the injection of sperm inside the oocyte to help in fertilization. Wish to know how IVF can help with male infertility problems? This is the blog for you, hang tight and read till the end.

Male Infertility and its Causes

Infertility may be defined as the inability to produce offspring even after having unprotected sex for a period of twelve months. Deferred childbearing and the increasing problem of obesity are known to be contributing factors. Two-thirds of all cases of infertile couples are known to stem from an infertile male. Among these infertile males, around 18.1% were diagnosed with male factor infertility problems and 13.7% were reported to have a sperm or semen problem.

Evaluating the cause of male infertility requires a thorough physical examination and medical history evaluation and the fulcrum point of this diagnosis is semen analysis. The presence of abnormalities in the semen calls for further testing in order to ascertain the possible etiologies. In this case, treatment is done mainly for improving the quality of semen and to enhance male fertility. In cases where semen quality was particularly poor, using donor insemination came to be known as a blessing in disguise.

Evaluating an Infertile Male

A urologist from the top IVF center in Wakad is critical in a collaboration that involves the treatment of male infertility. Sperms that are harvested by the process of microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration or testicular sperm aspiration or by the means of biopsy are used in the fertilization of harvested oocytes in the ICSI process. The primary laboratory investigation for evaluating an infertile male involves semen analysis. The sperm collection is usually done after abstaining from sexual intercourse for 3 to 5 days. There is a need to perform two assessments as there can be a natural variation in the quality of semen even when taken from men who are fertile. The parameters of evaluation are ejaculate volume, the density of sperm, the motility of sperm, and the morphology of the sperm. Lower limits for these indicators as defined by WHO that: semen volume should be around 1.5 mL, the total number of sperms should amount to 39 million/ejaculate, the concentration of sperms should be 15 M/mL, the total motility should be 40%, and the progressive motility should be around 32%, and the morphologically normal will be close to 4%. Men who have sperm concentration < 10 M/mL or have clinical evidence of endocrinopathy have to undergo morphological examination. Genetic evaluation involving karyotype and microdeletions in Y chromosome is generally done in men with sperm concentration < 10 M/mL. A cystic fibrosis gene test is generally done in men in whom the vas deferens is congenitally absent.

How does IVF undertaken at a test tube baby center in Wakad help in this?

The intricacies of IVF

Many people find it hard to believe that IVF can help with male infertility. Well, it surely can. The modern-day best IVF treatment in Wakad has several steps: multi-follicular development, preventing spontaneous ovulation, maturation of oocytes, retrieval of oocytes, the fertilization process, and transfer of the embryo.
Several studies have diagnosed certain increases in chromosomal abnormalities within couples who have infertility, especially among men who suffer from severe male infertility problems. There is a high incidence of Y chromosome microdeletion, in the azoospermia region, among men having oligospermia. Infertile men have also been reported to be carriers of other unrecognized genetic mutations. The usage of procedures like testicular sperm extraction technique and ICSI have made fertility possible even in extreme incidences of Oligospermia, making transmission of the genetic deletions a possibility. Managing profound male factor infertility problems has been revolutionized through the discovery of IVF and ICSI. Severe cases of male infertility can be successfully treated through the means of ICSI which uses ejaculated sperm or harvesting of sperm. This has helped many infertile men to realize their dream of becoming biological fathers of their children.

The basic steps involved in the process of IVF

IVF is still a very popular form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which is extensively practiced at the best IVF treatment center in Wakad. The basic steps of an IVF technique have been enumerated below for a clear understanding:
This starts with the collection of eggs from a woman and sperm from a man who is a couple and then combining them inside a laboratory leading to fertilization. In the case of male infertility, sometimes, your partner’s eggs and donated sperm are fertilized to produce a child.
Then comes ovarian stimulation and retrieval of the egg, before insemination followed by embryo culture, and then transfer. The ovaries of the female partner are stimulated using many hormone injections that produce multiple eggs. This process can be done at home too.
Light anesthesia helps retrieve the eggs upon maturity. The infertile male provides a sample of their sperm. The eggs as well as the sperm are placed in a dish for laboratory culture and ultimately lead to fertilization and the development of a healthy embryo.
The newly fertilized eggs are then monitored and this is done for a couple of days. During this time, they also may have to undergo genetic testing in order to ascertain any abnormalities. After the successful fertilization and formation of an embryo, it is transferred into the uterus of the female partner. In case of more than one in-vitro fertilized embryo, the others can be kept frozen and then utilized in the future. All you need to seek is an IVF specialist in Wakad.

What happens to the ovaries during IVF?

Many infertile males are pretty concerned about their partners. However, it is to be noted that this process is cent percent safe for your partner and her reproductive system. During the process of in-vitro fertilization performed at some test tube baby center in Pune, the ovaries undergo stimulation with fertility medications being injected causing the maturation of multiple eggs. The eggs when ready undergo collection. Fertilization happens when the eggs come into contact with the sperm within a culture dish or when a single sperm has been directly inserted into a healthy mature egg. This process is known as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). After the fertilization has taken place successfully, the development of the newly produced embryo will be monitored for around a week and after that, a few embryos are placed inside the uterus which involves a catheter that is inserted into the cervix of the female partner. The embryos then grow inside becoming babies.

What is the success rate of IVF?

The chances of having a successful IVF are dependent upon a host of factors which include your age and the causative factor of infertility. IVF may sometimes, become time-consuming, involve a lot of expenses, and may be invasive. It can also lead to multiple pregnancies if more than one embryos mature inside the uterus. Having said all of that, it is important to note here that IVF is still one of the best procedures to have a child when you are facing infertility. IVF helps in male infertility if the sperm is still potent to produce a child and there are problems with the amount, quantity, or motility. With IVF, an infertile male can become a father easily. This brings happiness to couples who have been trying to conceive for a long but to no avail.

The best-ever IVF center for male infertility problems

Nowadays, you can find any IVF center in Wakad that offers a package involving semen analysis to deliver a baby end to end. One can choose according to their affordability and the IVF specialist in Wakad can help you choose the right option after ascertaining the cause of your infertility and coming to a conclusion on what is best for you as a couple. This will also involve counseling and making you and your partner feel comfortable and sure in order to go forward with the process. Often in village areas, people don’t have the knowledge of these procedures, and men who are infertile are often called impotent and are looked down upon and ridiculed in society. There is a need to spread more awareness about the scientific understanding of reproduction and how a test tube baby is a scientific process performed at some female infertility treatment clinic in Wakad through which a couple can have a child. test tube baby center in Pune
If you are a male facing any of the infertility problems, then it's time to get a sperm analysis done. Nucleus IVF is one of the most reliable IVF treatment centers known for rendering the best IVF treatment in Wakad that can help identify the causative factor behind your infertility ascertaining that will help you and your partner get more clarity on the situation and place you in a better position in managing the emotional value of your relationship. A couple who is in dire need of a child may look no further than approaching the Nucleus IVF center. They carry out IVF in a safe manner and after much deliberation upon the physical needs, makeup, and requirements that you and your partner have. At Nucleus IVF, the tailor-made best IVF treatment in Wakad is provided to you with minimal risks and maximum satisfaction.
A male infertility treatment clinic in Wakad can thus, help a male facing the problem of infertility in raising their head with pride and going back to society with respect. They can become a father and help fulfill the goal of having a family. This is an assistive procedure that aids and supports one to fill the gap in areas where one has been unable to contribute when it comes to producing the next generation. It can be seen as a scientific tool in helping you deliver the best of your potential and make yourself and your partner complete. In order to fight infertility, reach out to the best IVF center in Wakad now..

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